Design for Calm, Comfort and Curves


While Covid precautions prevented our usual large group Decorating Den Interiors designers from visiting this fall’s High Point NC Home Furnishings Market, our Senior Vice President for Merchandising and Marketing did attend and shared three catchy trends he observed.  “I’m calling them ‘Coastal, ‘Comfy,’ and ‘Curvey,’” he said.

Creating a mindset of coastal living, can make the home more calm and tranquil, something more people are looking for these days. Even if you don’t have a real coastal view, you can create the feeling with rattan, floral prints, and blues. There are many décor options for creating the ambiance that goes along with hearing the gentle waves washing on shore.  Wicker, mariner themed accessories, and sailor knots are just a few ways to get that outside inside.

The market introduced “live edge” tables several years ago. As it turns out this is not a passing trend but one with staying power. It is also not merely furniture that is for a rustic cabin in mountains.

A live edge slab from a tree takes the conventional table and, as with texture, makes it into an unconventional, conversation piece and ideal for any design setting. As each tree is different, each slab or slice is a unique piece of art in itself—another way to bring the outside inside.

“Comfy” is another theme we will hear much of going forward.  As we spend more time at home, whether it be working or relaxing, there is a need for our furniture to provide us with all the comforts that our home has to offer.

When you combine “comfy” with soft, plush fabrics they make a seat that is the most popular one in the house. Perfect for the comfy theme are sectionals. They’re not new, of course, but they were more prominent in Market than usual. A great sectional or chair-and-a-half invites the whole family to snuggle together for a movie, or just settle in yourself with a good book or for a nap. If you don’t have the room for a large sectional there are more intimate options with a chaise attached or add the matching ottoman for relaxing flexibility.

Fabrics with superior design and unmatched performance will weather any storm in your home, sunroom or outdoors.  With performance fabrics, you can even have a white sofa. With today’s technology you can rest easy knowing you have made an environmentally conscious choice for those you love.

Curves, rounded edges and design 360 were a major design factor in the market. Curvey design allows you to move the pieces away from the walls and out into the room for easy movement through the room.  In tight spaces, curves can create the illusion of more space.

Curved lines tend to draw you in a welcoming way, which also can be calming and comfortable.

Interior design is not just about making your space more beautiful, it’s about making a healthier place—a sanctuary.


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